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Tarron Jenkinson – IT Executive

Tarron Jenkinson – IT Executive
Picture of Tarron Jenkinson – IT Executive

Tarron Jenkinson – IT Executive

Tarron joined the FD Centre in 2017 and has been an integral part of the company since. He thrives on facilitating the Global Induction Courses, giving him scope to communicate with the international parts of the company more than he would otherwise and gaining candid insights into different ways of working.
Tarron enjoys the sense of ‘putting out fires’ whilst answering queries across the business and enjoys a tangible result. He likes to be a support to the Principals throughout their lifecycle at the FD Centre.
He feels that his own values are very much in line with the company values which is one of the things that makes him a valuable member of the People and Team Department. Tarron continues his quest for a perfect method of poaching eggs.

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