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Robert Warner – FD, South West

Robert Warner – FD, South West
Picture of Robert Warner – FD, South West

Robert Warner – FD, South West

Robert Warner, Principal – South West

Since qualifying with KPMG in 1992, Robert has enjoyed successfully influencing a wide variety and size of businesses. Holding a number of hands-on senior positions, including nine years as Finance Director and IT Director, Robert believes in building trust and confidence across all levels of a business.

Robert is a passionate convert to the power of strategic partnership as a route to both sustainable growth and risk mitigation. His extended time spent outside the traditional finance department has enabled him to see issues from a wide commercial perspective and to support a collaborative approach.

Robert has an ability to think outside the box, often linking different themes to one congruent aim. This was demonstrated by his successful handling of IT strategy as director of a growing SME, where he was responsible for delivering major, business-critical IT changes.

He loves business and enjoys translating the language of finance into a practical and manageable strategy that supports and enhances the company’s long-term plan.

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