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Rob Nicholls – FD, South West

Rob Nicholls – FD, South West
Picture of Rob Nicholls – FD, South West

Rob Nicholls – FD, South West

Rob Nicholls is a strategic, commercial business professional with 25+ years experience, working with large corporations and small/medium enterprises.

Prior to joining the FD Centre in the UK, Rob relocated to the West Coast of the USA as an expatriate Finance Director, driving business growth opportunities in the technology and telecoms industry and as a non-executive director in higher education and business development roles.

A Chartered Management Accountant in UK, Rob’s industry knowledge spans technology, telecoms, communications, industrials, financial services and higher education sectors, together with financial and business strategy, sales, marketing & operations, management and board reporting.

He is an experienced practitioner in coaching and mentoring in addition to due diligence and investment appraisal. Rob gained an MBA from Henley Business School.

Rob is enthusiastic and passionate about bringing this experience to The FD Centre and its range of clients to help SME drive business growth.

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