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Nigel Thomas – FD, South East

Nigel Thomas – FD, South East
Picture of Nigel Thomas – FD, South East

Nigel Thomas – FD, South East

Nigel Thomas, Principal – South East

Nigel is a commercially focused FD with nearly 30 years’ international finance experience working with SME’s and divisions of Blue-chip companies. Industries include Aviation, IT, Audio Visual, Direct Marketing and Manufacturing.

A qualified Chartered Accountant, he is well-versed in business financing, treasury, accounting, tax planning including transfer pricing, foreign exchange management, and compliance. Outside of finance, he has substantial experience in the areas of strategic planning, acquisitions and disposals, and direct management of Sales, HR, Purchasing, Warehouse and Logistics functions. In his last role, he was Managing Director with responsibility for the worldwide operations of a specialist distributor established in 10 countries across 4 continents.

Nigel has lived for 3 years in Canada and worked for extended periods in in the USA, Germany, France and Singapore. He acted as CFO for a $200m Direct Marketing business for the best part of a year, gaining great insight into US GAAP in the process.

Very much focused on growth, efficiency and external relationships, he has directly handled credit agencies and suppliers including carrier relationships, and personally implemented and managed successful CRM environments. He has 3 years’ experience of direct sales management – of teams up to 85 sales staff. He also championed and managed a 2-year implementation of a Business Reporting System, including “dashboard” using MS SQL Server and Intranet delivery.

Nigel enjoys the SME environment and gains satisfaction from helping businesses grow their revenues and profits, at the same time encouraging people to develop and improve their skills and further their own careers.

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