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Mike Coombs – FD, South East

Mike Coombs – FD, South East
Picture of Mike Coombs – FD, South East

Mike Coombs – FD, South East

Mike Coombs, Principal – South East

Mike is part-time CFO at Nur Energie Ltd, a concentrated solar power (CSP) developer specialising in utility-scale projects in the Mediterranean where he is also Chairman of the group’s French subsidiary.
He also acts as part-time CEO and co-founder of Infra-Lex Ltd and Chairman and co-founder of Anglo-Dutch Applied Technologies Ltd, low carbon start-ups developing infra-red related technologies with patentable commercial applications in the UK and Europe.

Before joining Nur Energie Ltd in 2011 he spent the previous five years as Group CFO of Renewable Energy Systems Ltd (RES) an international wind power developer which saw annual sales revenue increase from £160m in 2006 to £500m during his time.

RES, a member of the Sir Robert McAlpine Group, is one of the renewable energy sector’s market leaders with over 5,000MW of wind projects developed and built with 600MW under ownership in various markets including the UK, Ireland, France, Sweden, Canada and the US.

In addition to sitting on the RES Limited board focussed on wind power, he also sat on the boards of RES Heat and Power Limited and Inbuilt Limited which targeted investment opportunities in other renewable and low carbon technologies including bio-mass, geo-thermal, solar and sustainable building consultancy.

Before RES, Mike was Group Finance Director of Biwater Plc an international water utility and construction group where he sat on the boards of Biwater Plc and Cascal BV a JV with the Dutch power company, Nuon.

Mike is a Chartered Management Accountant with more than 15 years of senior board experience.

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