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Mary Turrell – FD, Liverpool & North Wales

Mary Turrell – FD, Liverpool & North Wales
Picture of Mary Turrell – FD, Liverpool & North Wales

Mary Turrell – FD, Liverpool & North Wales

A successful Finance Director and Chief Operating Officer with strong operational, commercial and business development skills using the strengths of the finance team to develop and implement significant strategic initiatives.

I have experience in both highly decentralized companies with stand-alone businesses where I can use my strong finance-function knowledge across a broad spectrum of activities to ensure effective compliance and standardization of processes but I have also worked I have worked with companies whose top team lacks strong finance leadership and where I can create efficient and effective finance teams.

As a result I have broad experience across many areas of the business spending time outside the finance organization—in operations, strategy, and general management. This has allowed me to engage heavily with business operations and strategy creation bringing strong industry and competitive insights to create and support tightly run operations using my personal influence to get things done. I have a strong track record in business and functional transformations both within the finance function and throughout the organization with a focus on cost management, promoting the use of metrics and scorecards, and working to standardise data and systems using my external networks and independent thinking to drive business change and influence strategic direction.

Career achievements include:

– Involvement in the Due Diligence activity for the sale of the Alphyra Group to Cardpoint PLC and the creation of Payzone PLC, leading the UK business team and the subsequent restructuring and delisting after VC cash injection.

– Creation of a strong Finance team to enable the move from a Private to Public company including the integration of the CP and Alphyra finance groups.

– Leadership of all commercial/contractual negotiations to contract and manage our Utility and Mobile operator clients – minimum 3 year contract/detailed SLAs etc.

– Implementation of new controls and IT process to support the UK business expansion and growth of CCC compliant business in our Card Acceptance sector including OFT and now FCA discussions

– Management of Due Diligence activity for the sale of the Alphameric Retail Business to Torex Retail PLC

– Management of the VC activity and bank funding with Medlock Limited

– Liaison with Bank and other institutional investors to secure interest in Medlock.

– Managing the transition of two US-owned e-business software providers into one organisation.

– Disposal of non-core activities through a series of trade sales.

– Working closely with financial advisers in the UK and US to achieve the above.

– Creating an internal “Shared Services” function within ICL.

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