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Martyn Pitman – FD, East of England North

Martyn Pitman – FD, East of England North
Picture of Martyn Pitman – FD, East of England North

Martyn Pitman – FD, East of England North

Martyn Pitman – Principal, East of England North

Martyn is a commercially minded FD with a broad range of experience across a number of sectors. Most recently he was simultaneously FD of the pharmaceutical manufacturer/distributor business and the private health subsidiary at Moorfields Eye Hospital, through periods of rapid growth for both. Prior to that he was CFO/VP at Amarin Corporation, a NASDAQ quoted pharmaceutical developer.

He has also served as FD, and then MD, of ADC Ltd, a high tech manufacturing subsidiary of the Halma Group plc; and was interim MD at Omnifit Ltd leading a period of reorganisation and redirection. Martyn has a track record of leading rapid and sustained growth in turnover and, more importantly, profits by analysing opportunities, developing management information systems, controlling costs and imposing strong financial discipline.

Before becoming an FD, he served in the RAF and then qualified as a Chartered Accountant with a Big Four firm, first in London and then in Ottawa, Canada.

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