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Jonathan Barraclough – FD, Northern Home Counties

Jonathan Barraclough – FD, Northern Home Counties
Picture of Jonathan Barraclough – FD, Northern Home Counties

Jonathan Barraclough – FD, Northern Home Counties

Jonathan wants to use his skills and experience to work with SMEs who are either in the grow and grow phase or turn-around troubled situations. In over 30 years he has seen both these extremes many times in SMEs, the operating units of large Corporates and most stops in between.

Jonathan has built a better-balanced work life. He lives with his wife and a tweenage daughter. Enjoys travel and sports, participating or watching with a beer.

He lived and worked for four years in Russia soon after it opened up, ‘the wild East’. He thoroughly enjoyed that time on a personal level, but also professionally, allowing him to work on issues starting with fundamentals and bridging cultural differences. Here he showed his commercial side and ability to think laterally to solve a problem.

In the Russian Financial Crisis, when he was acting as the General Manager of the local Ogilvy Office, after two rounds of redundancies with further savings needed, he put the remaining staff on a three day week thus saving further job losses and redundancy costs and retaining the staff working with Clients. Considered a win by staff, Clients and a result for the business too.

He also reviewed the engagement with Clients and as a consequence he changed the contractual terms and built a business resourcing model. Both these set the Office on a better footing to weather the storm in late 1998 and 1999.

The world constantly changes around us, so Jonathan believes that great information and analysis is vital to optimise margin and keep the business in the best possible performance collar.

Well thought out logic and reasoning help any problem, discussion.

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