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Chris Weeks – FD, South East

Chris Weeks – FD, South East
Picture of Chris Weeks – FD, South East

Chris Weeks – FD, South East

Chris is an enthusiastic, influential senior finance professional, who has a long track record of creating value for businesses by advocating simplicity, creative thinking, getting the best out of diverse teams and bringing a positive attitude and sense of humour.

Originally from an engineering background, Chris is able to talk “finance” in everyday English, helping business audiences see the connection between what they do and financial and strategic objectives. If a team understands their part in where a business is going, objectives are much simpler to deliver. Results speak for themselves; Chris has delivered consistent, double-digit bottom line growth for the businesses he has managed.

Having an entrepreneurial spirit, Chris has experience spanning blue chip to start-up and running his own businesses both in the UK and in Africa, including spending 4 years developing an import/export business from start-up to exit in South Africa. The lessons he learned about creative thinking, resilience, negotiation, teamwork, due diligence and cash flow management to name a few, have formed the bedrock on which he built his career in finance.

Tenacious and ready to learn, Chris is always willing to take on difficult tasks, constantly adapting and refining his approach.

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