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Calum Laurie – FD, London

Calum Laurie – FD, London
Picture of Calum Laurie – FD, London

Calum Laurie – FD, London

I am where a C-suite leader, change management agent and a safe pair of hands collide. With over 3 decades of global experience as CFO in significant Corporations I have come to appreciate that change is critical to optimise and deliver better products and services, and overall business performance. With many achievements such as new builds and start-ups in UAE, Doha and New Zealand, and IT infrastructure, HR change management experience in UK, Australia, New Zealand, over diverse industries.  Backing up this experience are my master’s post-doctoral qualifications from HEC France/SAID Oxford and programs at Harvard and Cambridge. Darwin said it’s not the strongest that survive – it’s those most adaptable to change.

My experience extends to most CXO roles, in many industries including complex healthcare, which allows me to understand the essential functions across an organisation and I can speak directly with other CXO’s to integrate systems, processes and people. Also having held Governance roles and sitting on various Boards, I know what a Director needs and wants. This places me I a position to be able to both mentor and support to a C-suite.

I have studied the influence of what the organisations vision, values, culture, business planning and budgeting provide and built these from the ground up as well as implemented change programs. I can look at an organisation and see how these things can be better linked, become more effective and be deeply incorporated into plans and budgets. I then look for long term effectiveness, improvement programs and scenario planning required to future proof. The importance is vision for overall direction, values for how we will get there and react to events, systems to record and measure. A culture of inclusion and engagement to build teams and achieve results. A budget is not effective unless it is an integral part of the measuring and reporting process, fully integrated into the corporate vision and supports the business values.

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