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Brian Worrall – FD, North & West Yorkshire

Brian Worrall – FD, North & West Yorkshire
Picture of Brian Worrall – FD, North & West Yorkshire

Brian Worrall – FD, North & West Yorkshire

Brian has over thirty years’ experience in industry as a Chartered Accountant. Following qualification with KPMG he initially specialised in corporate tax and became Group Tax Manager at BWI plc, a capital goods manufacturer. During his time at BWI Brian broadened his career, firstly into treasury, securing funding for acquisitions and later into business development seeking out new ventures on a global basis.

After a period at Dixon Motors plc, Brian then focussed on family owned companies. During his time at Hexadex – an automotive manufacturer, he became Director of Finance and the business grew from a £55m turnover UK group, to a £150m multinational. Brian was involved in setting up overseas businesses in various countries including the US, Japan and China.

Over the years Brian has recruited successful finance teams and has wide ranging experience in strategic planning, acquisitions, management reporting, systems implementation and business review. A cash focused approach has always been at the heart of his philosophy and the treasury and corporation tax experience have remained useful throughout his career.

Brian is very much a “can-do” person who has a hands-on approach and a deep understanding of the issues involved in scaling a business.

He is married and has a daughter and a son.

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