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Antonio Ferrara – FD, East Midlands

Antonio Ferrara – FD, East Midlands
Picture of Antonio Ferrara – FD, East Midlands

Antonio Ferrara – FD, East Midlands

Antonio Ferrar, Principal – East Midlands

Antonio is a Certified Chartered Accountant, starting his career in an accounts firm specializing in servicing the SME sector. On qualification, he was approached by a client in food manufacturing and quickly became their Finance Director. Antonio has a track record of delivery and driving change to allow for future plans. He has worked with a portfolio of clients for the last 5 years, over a number of different sectors, with vastly differing needs.

Alongside his portfolio, he owns and runs a successful business. This is crucial to the service he is able to offer his clients as he understands from an Owners/MD’s perspective, the relevant pressures and support that is required. Thus, his key strength is supporting (both financial and non-financially) business leaders and stakeholders in small to mid-sized businesses, especially in periods of growth and change.

Antonio is a passionate but down to earth character, driven by his desire to achieve and assist his clients fulfill their potential.

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