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Alan Palmer – FD, London

Alan Palmer – FD, London
Picture of Alan Palmer – FD, London

Alan Palmer – FD, London

Alan is a career finance professional with both an entrepreneurial track record ranging from founding and building SME’s right through to having directorships in public listed companies.
Following first graduating with an honours degree in business finance studies and then his articles as a Chartered Accountant in the Big 4, he now has accumulated some 30 plus years of senior/directorship roles in general and financial management, corporate finance, and operations across various sectors. Particular sectors of ‘C’ level director experience include IT, property, energy efficiency, fund management, international finance, health care, and leisure.
For the most part of Alan’s last 35 years of experience he has been UK based, but he also brings a global perspective given his other regions of direct exposure that include Europe, USA, South Africa and sub-Sahara Africa. He has built up strong entrepreneurial experiences in managing both dynamic fast growth business models through to steadying and turning around loss making enterprises.
Married with one daughter, his passion is motorcycling and Jack Russells.

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