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“Joining such a knowledgeable team of professionals made the transition from corporate life so much easier for me.”

Jim Laslett joined the FD Centre in 2015 and has enjoyed the diversity that his new role brings.

After a chance meeting at a Christmas lunch in 2014, Jim decided to explore the opportunity of working with the FD Centre and later joined. Jim’s previous experience in retail and manufacturing has enabled him to look after a number clients from very varying industries – from an electrical wholesaler to a supplier of specialist products to fruit farmers,

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“I can now impact change so much faster than when I was working in a corporate environment.”

Steve Johnson, portfolio FD at The FD Centre in the Northern Home Counties 

Steve Johnson was an FD in the automotive and recruitment industries but always had the urge to be more entrepreneurial. He’d had enough of working for a corporate as he felt it was all he was thinking about 24/7.

“I was brought up around people who ran their own businesses so I thrive in that space.

Michael Citroen Photo
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“I value the security that being a part-time FD with half a dozen clients brings”

Michael Citroen, portfolio FD at the FD Centre in the Thames Valley

Michael Citroen is 59 years old and a 14-year veteran of the part-time portfolio job world. The former Group Finance Director of a large privately-owned company relishes the challenge and excitement of working with SMEs in his role as a part-time FD.

“The FD Centre is very focused on helping its part-time FDs to win new clients”,

Neil Methold
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“Being a part-time FD for the past eight years has meant I’ve been able to play a large role in my son’s life.”

Neil Methold, portfolio FD at the FD Centre in the Thames Valley

Neil, 54 has found the move into the part-time portfolio world beneficial in so many ways. Not only has he been able to enjoy more family and leisure time, but he’s also had the pleasure of coaching and mentoring people working within his clients’ companies. Neil now also mentors new Principals joining the FD Centre to help them at the start of their journey to a portfolio career.

Kate Wright px web
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“I have far more flexibility with my time and a better work-life balance.”

Kate Wright, portfolio FD at the FD Centre

Kate Wright, previously worked as Head of Finance and Operations for a NASDAQ-listed company, but moved to a more flexible role as a portfolio FD, later-on joining the FD Centre, the largest provider of part-time FDs in the UK.

She was wanted to leave the corporate world, to work with Entrepreneurs and was willing to take a pay cut to do so. 

Caroline Dodds px
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“I get enormous job satisfaction from working so closely with the decision makers in companies rather than being a small part of a large business.”

Caroline Dodds, portfolio FD at the FD Centre

Caroline Dodds, used to work with FTSE-listed companies but threw in the towel to work with Scale-Up businesses for the FD Centre, the largest provider of part-time FDs in the UK.

Being in control of her time is one of the best things about being a part-time FD for Caroline.  It gives her the flexibility to strive for the illusive work-life balance we all crave.

Steve Wilden Photo
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“I get a great sense of satisfaction from helping business owners to achieve their objectives.”

Steve Wilden, portfolio FD at the FD Centre in the Thames Valley

Steve Wilden has been with the FD Centre for 8 years. After a successful and eventful FD career with many tales to tell, Steve had amassed a considerable range of experience across many industries.

While his time in the Corporate world was extremely fulfilling, the pressure started to take its toll. Steve made the decision to move to portfolio working in the hope it would provide the change of lifestyle needed.

Tony Lewis Photo
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“With portfolio working, I’m not pigeon-holed into one particular area of expertise”

Tony Lewis, portfolio FD at the FD Centre in the South East

With 30+ years’ experience in the corporate world, both in the UK and globally,  Tony has been there, done that, got the t-shirt. But by working for one of the top management consultants and supporting many US-listed companies, it’s very easy to be known for one particular type of situation.

Then there’s always the next client waiting for your support and advice.

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“This is probably the happiest I have ever been for a number of reasons.”

Zara Merricks, portfolio FD at the FD Centre

Zara works as a portfolio FD for between five and 10 clients at a time. She works for the FD Centre, the largest provider of part-time FDs in the UK and is delighted to see the rapid difference she makes to companies she works with. Since joining the FD Centre over two years ago, Zara is enjoying the opportunities that have come her way.


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