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Increase your Cash, Profit and Valuation and get out of Day-to-day Operations by Hiring a Superstar FD, Using our Affordable Part-time Model

The Strategist

  • Future Proof & Digitise
  • M&A Growth Opportunities
  • Exit Planning
  • Funding options

The Leader

  • Sounding Board to Owner
  • Restructuring & Pivoting
  • Clear Communications
  • Ownership of Business Plan

The Operator

  • Ownership of Cash flow
  • Maximise Profit
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Productivity & Efficiency

The Guardian

  • Forecasting
  • KPIs
  • Covid Compliance
  • Upgrade Systems

The 4 Roles Of The Virtual FD In Securing The Future Health and Prosperity Of Your Business

The Strategist

Our FDs have all walked the walk, playing leadership roles in fast growth businesses in every sector. The Strategist role of your FD is to help you define what you really want from your business and work with you to devise the strategy to make it happen. This includes particular attention, in the current climate, on future-proofing your business to adjust to market conditions. There has never been a greater opportunity to grow through acquisitions and purchase competitive businesses at below market value. Financing terms are also incredibly competitive. We will help you navigate the options and set yourself up for recovery and success.

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The Operator

If cash used to be King, in today’s new landscape it’s now Emperor. The Operator frees up the Business Owner from having to worry about the day to day financial operations. Your FD will ensure that your business is built on rock solid foundations and able to withstand unforeseen market conditions. Cash has always been critical to every business, but now, more so than ever. Your FD will help (re)structure your business to maximise your cash position. This involves balancing supply and demand while cutting back unnecessary costs and improving productivity, efficiencies and ultimately profit.


The Leader

Great FDs do way more than ‘just the numbers’. Your FD will play the role of The Leader in your business, acting as a confidante and sounding board to the Business Owner. With an impressive track record of success in a variety of different business environments and a support team of over 500 exceptional FDs covering 17 countries, your FD will act as a catalyst in order to make things happen and fast track your most ambitious goals. Your FD Leader will have the gravitas to sanity check and steer the big decisions as well as tap into the world’s largest pool of financial talent making introductions to suppliers, distribution channels and getting answers to even the thorniest of questions. The Leader FD will help you refine and restructure your business plan, pivot when necessary and ‘own’ the communications to stakeholders and investors.


The Guardian

The difference between a ‘good’ FD and a ‘great’ FD is that a great FD will absolutely and always have your back. We only bring approximately 1 in every 100 FD applicants onto our team, which means you get the very best of the best. The Guardian role of the FD is to ensure that your business is fully under control so that you, as the owner, can be freed up do what you do best. Your FD will ensure that you have clear visibility of exactly what’s going on in the business, ensuring in these more challenging times, that you have the latest numbers to hand weekly or, when relevant, daily. We will help you upgrade your systems, digitise the business and ensure you are fully (Covid) compliant.


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